The Danger Zone


The Danger Zone is an all-new gameshow hosted by Matthew Stephenson. All our contestants have to do is beat the mighty Danger Zone in a series of simple games, however, with the increased pressure and knowing their possible fate, can anybody walk away victorious?

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Series 1

Matthew Stephenson launches a brand new gameshow, The Danger Zone, which tests our contestants skill, nerve and determination to win! The question is, does anyone have what it takes to defeat it?

The Danger Zone will challenge members of the public to attempt apparently simple games under the spotlight of 120 litres of Gunge - intensifying the pressure. With each game worth precious lives, the challenger will have to keep their nerve in this high pressure game of skill and strategy to move closer to walking away victorious.

Genre : Entertainment | Target Audience : Broad

Series 2

The Danger Zone is back for 2019, bigger and meaner than last year! Matthew Stephenson returns to host the messiest gameshow ever known to the internet, can anyone this year hold their nerve and win?


The Game Has Changed, Expect The Unexpected! 


New Games… New Tanks… New Look… Same Host!

Genre : Entertainment | Target Audience : Broad

Series 3


Genre : Entertainment | Target Audience : Broad

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