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Last Update: 11 July 2020

Q) Where does the experience take place?

A) The Danger Zone experience is housed at the same home-studio set where the main show is shot. Wokingham, Berkshire has a National Rail Station as well as local bus services and plenty of parking availability. There are also hotels available nearby for those that would like to stay in this beautiful town. More exact details will be provided when you make a booking with us.

Q) Is there an age-limit to the experience?

A) All contestants must be over the age of 18 at time of purchasing the experience package. Anyone found to be under this age will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund.

Q) What time does the experience start?

A) Ideally, we would like to start your experience at 10am as it lasts for approximately 6 hours. Please check with us before you purchase your experience if this time doesn't suit you.

Q) Do I play The Danger Zone as The Danger Zone, or do you pick the games I play?

A) There is no fakery on this show... We play the experience as you'd be playing it as if you were an actual contestant! Prepare for anything to happen at any stage - exactly the same as a normal day of filming.

Q) What can I wear?

A) You can wear whatever you like, however, we refer you to RULE 1 of The Danger Zone - "whatever you turn up in, goes in!" Although our suppliers, MessySupplies, state that "products shouldn't stain, however we cannot guarantee this, so self protection is advised by wearing old clothing". We can supply outfits for 6 rounds throughout the day, so that leaves 2 for you to find your own outfits. If you would like us to supply up to 6 outfits for each contestant, please let us know at the earliest opportunity. Shoes and socks are not recommended to be worn but if you wish for this to be part of your chosen outfit, feel free. We will not be able to offer washing facilities for your own clothes used on the day.

Q) Do I need to bring my own shower gel, towels, etc?

A) We will provide shower gel, shampoo, towels and even a shower sponge mesh pouf so you can enjoy your experience. However, if you would like to bring your own to the experience, you are more than welcome to. We will not be able to offer washing facilities for your own towels used on the day.

Q) Will there be food and beverages available?

A) Please bring your own food on the day of your experience. There will be tea and coffee breaks if you so require them throughout the day.

Q) Will there be footage of my experience?

A) Highlighted footage of your experience will be provided to you after the shoot has happened via Google Drive. This will take time for us to process this onto the system, so please bare with us. If you prefer, you can bring your own camera but this is at your own risk! 

Q) How quickly will I receive my experience footage?

A) If you have just selected to have the highlighted footage of your games, we aim to have it delivered to you via Google Drive in 14 days. This will then be deleted 7 days after notification unless otherwise informed. If you have selected the edited show option, this may take us up to 4 weeks to edit. We will notify you when this is ready for download and be deleted 7 days after notification unless otherwise informed.

Q) Can I sell my own footage?

A) Simple Answer... No! Any footage, whether filmed and recorded on our devices or your own is not to be sold for any purpose. If you wish to utilise our facilities for these reasons, please contact us at

Q) Can I buy the experience for someone else?

A) Absolutely! As long as you have their permission and they are happy to come along and participate, feel free. If you are planning a surprise and they refuse to participate, you will not be eligible for any refunds.

Q) Can I bring a friend, but not as a participant?

A) There are 4 spare spaces outside of the tank so your friends can enjoy watching you get gunged first-hand! However, the more people booked in the experience, the less space outside so please choose your friends carefully...

Q) How safe is this experience?

A) As with any of our productions, health and safety is Number 1! We will go through health and safety with you prior to entering the set ensure that any questions are answered. Our supplier, MessySupplies, state that "in liquid form our products will be slippery" so we will ask you to please take care on the day.

Q) Can I change my booking after I've purchased the experience?

A) Please contact us at to discuss this request.

Q) Can I request a specific gunge colour for the event?

A) Please contact us at to discuss this request.

Q) How much gunge is used at the experience?

A) Each tank is filled with approximately 150L of gunge. If you've seen the show... you know how messy it is going to get! If you haven't... interesting.

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