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Experience Testimonials


I had a really good time at BroadcastThisTV. Matt was super accommodating and friendly and helped make the whole experience all the more enjoyable and fun. I’m looking forward already to my next trip to the tank.


It’s July 2022, and there’s a heatwave, but that didn’t stop the gunge from flowing as I made my way to sunny Berkshire for my recent tank experience.  A short while after arriving at the venue, I enter the garage to see one gunge tank and, next to it, a ball pool with thousands, (yes, you heard me right) thousands of blue and red balls – something that I have often said reminds me of my childhood days of holidays at the seaside!  Yes, I can only be at one place – BroadcastThisTV – to try my hand at, no not The Danger Zone but, The Gunge Games.  A new creation from the team and I was one of the first to try it out.

So, the games I tried and tested...

First, into the ball pool I go to find 10 cubes with a key attached to each in under three minutes to unlock the chain outside the pool.  A much bigger ball pool than before means it was more difficult to achieve completing the task in the time allowed.  Failure to find them all in the time would mean getting gunged.  Throwing balls into the air and out of the pool, I frantically started searching for the correct cubes.  After some time, I found all 10 keys and then had to sit in the tank to nervously await Matthew telling me if I had succeeded.  Did I?  Well, by the skin of my teeth, I did with just three seconds to spare and avoided the gunge.  1-0 to the challenger, but……... Matthew had other ideas and said he needed to make sure the tank worked properly and with no means of me being able to escape, I had no choice but to accept I was getting messy despite winning the game.  I heard the gunge release from above and some 50 litres of purple gunge cascaded onto me.  Usually I like my gunge warm, but given the hot day, it was cool enough to make it bearable.  It was thick and gave a good coverage.

Shower time and change into my next outfit, ready for game number 2...

A simple game of True or False.  Get more right than wrong and I avoid the gunge, although for each I did get wrong I got splatted with a gunge blaster.   Unfortunately, almost all of the questions related to science or nature – weak subjects for me so I had to give it my best shot – to my surprise I got quite a few right but, ultimately, got more wrong than right so as well as being blasted with blue gunge, the tank was unleashed and I got another 50 litres all over me.  1-1.

Shower number 2 and a change now into my singlet.

For game number three and I was ordered to get into the ball pool again.  In my singlet, I had to find my football kit (which I had handed over to Matthew before game 2 started – he hid my kit in the ball pool while I was showering.  HOW RUDE!) Put simply, I had to change out of my singlet into the football kit in the pool – avert your eyes lol!  The time I had to complete this was determined by a friend of mine who Matthew had texted to ask him to pick a number.  Unfortunately, this friend was not kind and chose the number 7 – not lucky for me!  After Matthew multiplied this by 10, this meant I had just 70 seconds to find my kit and get into it.  Seriously?!  This is also not terribly easy because you are battling with the balls, each time I was failing miserably to balance putting on the football top, shorts and socks and found myself sinking into the pool.  Of course, I failed at this but did mange it in a respectable time of just over three minutes, I think.  I had a few choice words for my friend before, once again, I was the recipient of another deluge of gunge from above, the colour of which blended in quite nicely with my kit, parts of it were also purple.  2-1 to Matthew and The Gunge Games.  I did point out the time allowed was not enough and had I been given much longer, I would have sailed through this game.

Another shower and I put my singlet back on for the next game.

Game four was a spin of the wheel with each segment alternating between ‘safe’ or ‘gunge’.  As this was on Matthew’s phone and me having taken my glasses off, I couldn’t see how I was doing after each spin.  Ten spins in total and, using the number my friend gave for the last game, I had to achieve seven ‘safe’ spins to avoid the tanking.  But, like the second game, the gunge blaster was on hand should it be ‘gunge’.  I say at this point, Matthew’s aim with the blaster did leave a lot to be desired – he’ll improve 😉 Anyway, I lost this game as I got more than seven ‘gunge’, so yet again the tank was released from above with more purple gunge.  3-1 to Matthew and The Gunge Games.

Another shower, another outfit, another game….

The final one.  This game was based on the last round from Season 1 of The Danger Zone where you had to name the top twenty of something to avoid the final tanking.  If it was one of my specialised subjects, then I felt I would have a chance of winning the game.  My subject was to name the top twenty crisp flavours.  I mean, really?!  Come on, give me a break!  I only eat Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted or Smoky Bacon flavour so I had no hope in hell.  No time limit thankfully, but I was aware that I couldn’t spend the rest of the day thinking of all the flavours that could be in the list, so had to get a move on.  I was allowed three wrong guesses and on the fourth, well, I knew what was coming.  I got the first three flavours correct and then I completely failed.  For someone who is a bit of a plain eater, my fate was sealed.  Wrong guess number four and it was all over.  I received my final tanking of the day, another 50 litres of purple gunge right over my head, along with Matthew’s poor aim from the gunge blaster haha.  4-1 in the end to The Gunge Games 😟

I was allowed one final shower 😊

The verdict:  A good day, good games, a great host, plenty of laughs and lots of gunge.  I won one of the games, so I was happy with that.  For any of you wanting a go at this, I do recommend it but, remember, this is not The Danger Zone anymore so you shouldn’t expect 150 litres of gunge each time – it is about 50 litres.  This is a new concept by the team with now just one tank and a bigger ball pool and another area with a pool.  Well done BroadcastThisTV 😊

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