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The Mini DZ

The Mini DZ

The Mini DZ
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The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Countdown

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Countdown

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Stag

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Stag

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Dunk

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Dunk

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Catch

The Mini DZ : Rhys v Mark : Catch


The Mini DZ : James : Release Word


James has five minutes to avoid saying the mystery word. If he avoids saying the mystery word, he can walk away from tank clean. However, as soon as he says the mystery word, 120 litres of thick green gunge descend.

The Mini DZ : Charlie : Blue Gloop



The Mini DZ : Charlie : Orange Gloop



The Mini DZ : David : Release


David is a musical theatre student from Hull, UK. Can he avoid the 120 litres of gunge from releasing over him by avoiding the mystery word when Matthew interviews him? Anything could happen, but I think we know green is his colour.

The Mini DZ : David : Pick a Sock


David had just returned from his show to play a game where he must pick out gungey socks from a pile. However, there is one rogue red sock in the pile. If he pulled out the red sock with his feet, he would get gunged.

The Mini DZ : David : 2018 World Cup List


David is trying to name all the countries present at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in 20 seconds. He is hesitant and unsure if he can do it but has a go to try and avoid the 120 litres of thick gunge from going over his blue singlet!

The Mini DZ : Danny : Higher or Lower


⭐ StreamE Exclusive

Danny starts with egg roulette, a game where he must find the hardboiled egg among 15 raw eggs in 10 attempts. Danny is a bit nervous, wins the first game so we play Higher or Lower with him to calm the cockiness.

The Mini DZ : Danny : Locate the Keyring


⭐ StreamE Exclusive

Danny must find a specific keychain whilst blindfolded and instructed to pick out the keychains from a bowl of beans and custard with his mouth. Will he be safe from the 120 litres of thick gunge when the results are revealed?

The Mini DZ : Danny : Countdown


⭐ StreamE Exclusive

In this game, Danny must say "stop" when the timer reaches 39 seconds. The game can be a bit distracting, so Danny should try to focus on the timer and not get too distracted.

The Mini DZ : Danny : True or False


⭐ StreamE Exclusive

Danny must answer a series of true or false questions. For each incorrect answer, he must smash a raw egg onto their head. If all the eggs have been smashed by the end of the game, the gunge is released from above!

The Mini DZ : Matthew : Revenge


In this episode of the Mini DZ, host Dan is gunging Matt, on behalf of all the contestants he has unfairly slimed over the series. This is the final show of the season and has been done by popular demand of the contestants.

The Mini DZ : Matthew : Lycra Dump


🌟 StreamX Exclusive

Danny and Matthew have played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors off-screen with the ultimate forfeit for losing being a cold tanking in whatever the other player requests. Danny won the off-screen challenge...

The Mini DZ : Louis v Dan : Rules


Louis and Dan are instructed to follow three rules: turn up and take a seat in to the tank, no shoes or socks allowed, and don't dodge the gunge. They must stay in the tank until all the gunge has been released.

The Mini DZ : Louis v Dan : Avoid


60 seconds on the clock, Louis and Dan are about to play Avoid, where one person will ask questions and the other will answer them. They have to avoid saying YES or No! Simple... hey?

The Mini DZ : Louis v Dan : Count


Who will beat the clock? Louis and Dan are competing to count up to a certain number. Sound simple, right? Not with 120 litres of thick green gunge poised over you. The person who is closest to the time limit without going over wins.

The Mini DZ : Louis v Dan : Solve


Can Louis and Dan solve the riddle to avoid 120 litres of thick green gunge covering them? Get the riddle right, and play passes to their opponent. Get the riddle wrong and the gunge descends!